*Jessica* (italysprincess6) wrote in ipodsarelove,

Sorry - New to the "Mod" Thing lol

Alright, i realized I haven't really explained in detail how this works!
I got the idea from some conga community that is no longer up and running.
Basically as we get new members, they sign up with whatever Referral is currently up.
They then reply to me with THEIR referral code and are put on deck.

Current Referral is Sexkitten329's.
Then Italysprincess 6 (Mine)
And im still waiting for more members...
You can participate by clicking on the link in the previous entry, or by clicking the website where it says Current Referral at the top of the page by the User Info.
When she gets 10 Referrals we'll go to the next person, and then so on and so on...
If you guys have any questions let me know.
Ill try to be as up-to-date with Status as i can

Love ya!
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