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Everyone loves Music, Live it, Love it, Get it Free Hotties!

Free Ipods are Bomb

Free Ipods
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OK, This does work or i wouldnt be doing it! Lets see how many people we can get free ipods for!
This is how it will work.
I will create a list, first come first serve, the current referral link will be posted for everyone to see and use!
You need only 10 Referrals in order to get an ipod.
So lets do it bitches!
Promote! Promote! Promote!
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Now im not one of those gay mods that is all like "You have to promote to be in it" I Would Love You too. but im not gonna spend my time searching for you to, Id rather go shopping, thanks!
But Go ahead, Please if you have time. It will only get people Ipods faster, and thats bomb!
Love ya Mucho!

Current Referral: sexkitten329
Next Up: Italysprincess6
...Still waiting for referral codes from other members, and waiting for other members

In-Depth InStrUCTiOnS

1.Join the Community
2.Click on the Current Referral Code posted.
3.Sign up & Take one of the Surveys
4. While on the site, retrieve your personal referral code
5. Reply to a post with your referral code, so i can put your code in line
7. Wait until you get up to the current referral, and sit back and relax while others join and get you steps closer to your FREE IPOD!

...This will work quicker if you guys promote, so help me, and everyone else out, including yourself!
Love ya!