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Hey Everyone!!!

Welcome to Ipodsarelove!
We Love Ipods right! So lets get some for free!
I have a current referral link up, which is mine, but i havent completed it yet, so i guess the first person to sign up will get to go first!
Lets do this...Tell your friends...tell whoever!
Lets get free ipods shall we?
ok done being weird now..
im out!
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Get a new IPOD NANO without paying! This really works, I have dealt with the company before and received free products. They do it because they get referral fees. Just sign up for a trial offer from a reputable company like efax or blockbuster and cancel the trial once you get credit for it. I did Real Rhapsody, and it was easy to cancel and the credit was instant! This is the new design IPOD NANO.

So I will stand patiently in line behind *Jessica*.

check it out: